To start off, listen to this magnificent stream of Typhoon’s new music. With six songs of absolute brilliance, Typhoon cuts together songs that have lyrics that pull your heartstrings in different directions. Every time I’ve listened to each of these masterpieces I’ve found a new connection, a new meaning in my life’s story. Words like “unhand me i am not a criminal, though i’ve played a guilty part, in the modern sense that one pretends their life is original” scream into my lungs and prove to me my daily worries are not unique – they are understood by a clan of musicians from Portland.

If you don’t know Typhoon, they are a 12 person band from the northeast, who place together a variety of instruments (two drums?) to orchestrate an overwhelming push and pull of strings, horns, and rhythms. Each one of these songs showcase their talent, and why they should be more well known. If you agree – go and support them – their new album comes out on August 20th, but go and help them out with their kickstarter for a new van for their fall tour!


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