Big Red Machine – Justin Vernon & Aaron Dessner

This song cannot seem to leave my head today. The repeated key stroke on the piano, the last line “that’s all i’ve learned: to suffer”, and Justin’s ghostly voice…it all comes together in a hauntingly perfect way. If you like this, go and buy the “Dark Is the Night”. Sometimes music, man, it’s too much.


The Sixes: Vol 1, Mix 2: Set Sail!


My weekly Sixes mix comes one day late…but enjoy nonetheless. Set Sail! is a mix launched by the phenomenal Volcano Choir, a band that has spoken volumes to me over the past three months. Finishing this mix is my favorite song by the new Head and the Heart album: “Let’s Be Still”…which you should go give a listen as well. If you enjoy this, go check out my other Sixes mix posted here.

Vol. 1 Mix 2: Set Sail!

Wild Meaninglessness

For those who know me, know I’m in love with the band, Typhoon. I’m a sucker for their mastery of all instruments, truly a streamlined orchestra of musical genius. With a band the size of your extended family, don’t be quick to align them with bands like Edward Sharpe or The Polyphonic Spree. Typhoon doesn’t fit in any musical category; they make their own. However, beyond the perfect combination of drums, horns, strings, etc. lies the story of Kyle Morton, the lead singer and visionary behind the hauntingly beautiful lyrics.  Listen closely and you’ll unfold a story of lost youth, pain, suffering, and the attempt of understanding.

See, in his youth Kyle struggled with Lyme disease, something that wrecked havoc on his mind and body. In his post on Tender Loving Empire’s website, Morton mentions his attempt to find comprehension for the pain he went through. His channels of effort revolved around something he and his friend call… “Wild Meaninglessness. You can consider it one very bewildered man’s attempt to explain the universe, to himself, in the language of bewilderment.” Dissecting his ‘lost childhood’ in his lyrics, I began to find solace.

On a personal note, I grew up facing a variety of obstacles children should not encounter. And for years I’ve tried to be familiar with myself. The years of our childhood have been said to define our path in life and who we are as individuals in this society. Due to various issues, I emptied my ability to remember into a storage closet to never be touched. The body armor etched thick on my skin and shrouded my ability to develop as a child – forcing a quick maturation.

So now, at age 21 I’m in the process of peeling back the reptilian skin. The skin, which has pulled me away from society, held back meaningful relationships and kept my mind at ease. But with recent evaluations, a mind at ease is a complacent mind. The ego that envelops myself is not real, just a shroud of the skin protecting myself from the pain of lost trust.

Typhoon and Kyle has begun to define the new Logan. Although my organ’s never failed like Kyle’s, (it was my belief in humanity that died) I’m getting my donor vision from those nearest to me. I finally believe in the value of keeping those closest to me, close. I’ve been attempting to dig through the spam of my mind and discover the value and meaning behind my youth. Amidst the constant chaos that life presents me, I’m facing fears, climbing mountains, and jamming out to an expansive band from the Northwest.

One of my favorite songs by Typhoon is The Sickness Unto Death off of their album, “Hunger and Thirst”. Echoing the previous pains, his views on death, and his questioning of his path in life, Kyle ends it with these eargasmic lyrics:

“and when I have my childhood back
I’ll tear every page out of my book
and place them in an urn
strike a match and watch them burn
then I’ll hold the front cover
against the back cover and look
you’ll see
eternity will smile on me

The Sickness Unto Death – Typhoon

I’m looking for answers. I’m looking to questions I never faced. I’m looking for my eternity. And damn right, it’s going to smile on me.

Oh, and if you’ve got more time, watch this performance by Typhoon for Room 125 Productions, a high-school class project series from Lawrence, Kansas. (I’ll touch on them soon) Listen to the conversation at the end with Kyle and you can begin to understand my infatuation. And go buy “White Lighter”, Typhoon’s album which was just released in August. It is the definition of unreal.

Audible Thoughts by John O’Donohue

Audible Thoughts by John O’Donohue

I was going to write tonight, spraying thoughts into the air – but John O’Donohue has me covered.

Click the link above. Please.

“The greatest friend of the soul is the unknown. Yet we are afraid of the unknown because it lies outside our vision and our control. We avoid it or quell it by filtering it through our protective barriers of domestication and control. The normal way never leads home.”

An Awesome Wave of Alt-J

I’ve been listening to way too much Alt-J as of late. Their music isn’t something new to my collection, but often I seem to stumble across an artist whose place in my library is severely undervalued. Over and over his album, An Awesome Wave, is impeccable in every aspect of what music is supposed to be. Interludes weave in between stories, memories, and thoughts, Alt-J  is just what you need right now. 

My favorite, Bloodflood, has been fuel to my recent bike rides to and from campus. 

“a wave, an awesome wave
That rushes skin and widens in blooded veins//

Flood of blood to the heart”


Also, if you have time, check out the incredible work Alt-J does in a La Blogotheque session at a cafe.

Cavalier – James Vincent McMorrow

I can’t seem to get enough of this song lately, it’s just what I needed entering the week. James Vincent McMorrow has a knack for extracting vivid memories even with his simple, yet elegant background beat. Oh, and that voice….turn it up people.

Get ready for his second album, Post Tropical coming out January.

Volume 1: Mix 1
My Heart’s just a Beating Organ

To start off producing my blog’s content, here is my first mix which should provide some listening material while the leaves fall, temperatures change, and memories are made. Enjoy.

The Shining – Badly Drawn Boy
Beach House – The Cave Singers
Bloodflood – Alt-J
Young Men – Tyler Lyle
It All Comes Right – Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives
Rules of the Game – Typhoon

The Fall

Arizona has two seasons. Unbearably hot and awkwardly cold. But if we’re lucky, there are some days when Fall peeks out of the horizon’s cupboard to give us a taste of what crisp air and changing leaves are all about. Jeans sneak up our legs, sweatshirts unfold themselves, and beanies are given a second thought. We all know we’ll be in shorts and by the pool by the week’s end, but it’s the now, the present when we relish in partly clouded skies.

I’ve longed wished for a move into the unknown. Where seasons could be more predictable, entertaining, welcoming. But i’ve been stuck in the Arizona-awkward for 21 years now, finding glimpses of hope in travels. And I’m at the threshold now, about to take on a job; the daunting words of a career reverberate louder in my mind than on my cover letters. I have around seven more months of this and then my body and beating organs will leave. Leave all that I know and love. Leave all that I am comfortable with. And I will Fall into the Fall.

When we as humans see an inevitable change in our nature, we dig deep into what we hold true and honest. Those we have developed relationships with, friendships with, memories with – they become larger than their emotions can hold. I’ve begun to invest time into those who have made me who I am to this point. Because for all I know, even with the interconnected global world, my audible guitar strings of connections will wilt in strength over time and distance. These facts are never spoken, just understood.

And this is why now, more than ever, the value of music has grown its roots deep into my relationship’s soil. As a young man, I’ve hid what what I regarded as a spark in my veins, and only been effective at communicating feelings through the lyrics of artists. The ill-fated loves I’ve let go knew of my passion through the “mix-tape for you”. The friendships I’ve valued come with a “road-trip jam session CD”. The family members who I try to thank for my development receive “tunes for when you miss me”.  I’ve broken up with girls over a special playlist I made. I’ve listened to a song 30 times over, laying in bed, holding her hand. I give songs for death. I give songs for life.

Music encompasses me, but more importantly, music encompasses my relationships, friendships, connections.

This is why this blog must be developed and utilized. As I grow away from AZ, grow away from all of these connections I feel obligated to leave behind a piece of me through a song from Typhoon. A beating lyric from Volcano Choir. The new screams from Caroline Smith. The raw youth and maturity of Tyler Lyle. The beards of Bryan John Appleby. The videos that leave you aware that you’re breathing. Music is in my muscles and I want to spread the powerful exoneration I muster into you.

Taking inspiration from some of my favorite blogs (Songsforaday, I am Fuel You Are Friends, MusicvsMisery, YankeeCalling), this blog will keep you updated with my thoughts and my recent listens when it comes to the music scene in my mind.

I hope you enjoy the changing Fall around us.