Gilded Oldies – Cataldo

ImageRecently, since seeing them at the Winter Timber Music Festival in Leavenworth, one of my favorite bands has been Cataldo. Eric Anderson’s lyrics about both despair and hope weave intermittently between their horn section throughout their newest album, Gilded Oldies. They recently stopped by KEXP Radio in Seattle to perform four of their new songs live. Check out the full performance below. (I’ve also included my favorite song “The Beast”, which holds my favorite line in the album: “Noli me tangere, motherfucker,”)


Now – Tom Misch

Today I took a break from work and took a stroll through downtown Tucson. “Now” by Tom Misch is the kind of song you need for days like today. The lightly fluttering horns and steady beat keeps both mind and legs in rhythm. Summer is made for music like this.

Awkwardly Cold & Unbearably Hot: A Summer Mix


It’s been awhile since I posted a mix. But since I just graduated and time is seeping through my hands, I decided to catch it with this.

To be nice, Arizona’s summers suck. Straddling a temperature that is both awkwardly cold in the morning, and unbearably hot during the day…the only solace I have is in music. To share the tunes I’ve been using to get by and keep spirits high, I’ve created this playlist. Enjoy!

If you want more playlists, check out The Sixes.

“Another Hole To Dig my Soul in” – The Songs of Chet Faker


Over the course of the last month, I have flooded my friends with relentless messages about Chet Faker. His smooth transitions between Jazz, R&B, and Electronic is best described as mesmerizing. Below, i’ve attached seven videos of Chet for you to enjoy. If you want more, take a glance at his SoundCloud, a place where he describes his music as: “Music for Humans”. Duly noted Mr. Faker, duly noted. 

“Talk is Cheap” (live)

I Want Someone Badly (Jeff Buckley Cover)

To Me 

I’m Into You


No Diggity

1998 (Short Version)


The intrinsic value of those closest to you only appears nearest to the time you are about to leave. As graduation looms less than eight days away, the trains are being boarded by my friends, family and acquaintances that I’ve made over the past four years. Long have I taken for granted the late night calls, the random adventures, and regrettable late night fast food decisions that swarmed my every action. And now, with a visible threshold of “real life” awaiting us, fear has set in. Questions like what will I do with my life and Where will I be in five years, attack our subconscious. We now face no concrete answer to the question, “when will I see you again?” And fuck, homecoming already seems so far away. 

I’m not here to write another “I’m about to graduate” post, where sentiment and memory filled sentences end with an optimistic look at life. This is not a self help blog. I’m not here to kid you that graduation doesn’t come with goodbyes. 

But if you’re looking for some assistance for these wretched feelings – listen below to some tunes that are getting me through this time that are more relevant than Vitamin C’s “Graduation”. 

“Cowboy Boots” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

“Back Home” – Andy Grammer

“Keep Your Friends Close” – Dylan Owen

“I Wanna Get Better” – Bleachers

“Stay Alive” – Jose Gonzalez

“Ditch Digger” – Tyler Lyle

“Benjamin Twine” – George Ezra

“From Eden” – Hozier

“Caesar & Reed Road” – Typhoon

“Take Your Time Coming Home (acoustic)” – fun.