Neðan Fjöru: Below Tides

Below Tides

“Blasting from my head is a pain that circumvents the five foot radius around me. Let me drown you in my death. Let me suffocate you with my absence. Fall prey, quick prey, come quick, fast you may run, slow you will die, in my hands nonetheless.

No one wants other’s pain. They want others to take it from them. Smoke them out.

You don’t want to hear my squabbles. You want to hear my music. My smile.

Don’t step on my cracks, I will be the one to break your back.

Opal floods of water cascade towards me. Down stairs they fall, tumbling like a slinky. But yet it’s not real. It’s in my mind. So why are my hands wet? Pull out your chisel. Pull out your sword. show me it’s power, show me your weakness.

Pull my peels. Save me. Give me vitality. Give me life.”


Recently a friend of mine, U of A Media Arts BFA alum director Cylan Shaffer and director of photography Fiona Foster reunited for another dance collaboration, bringing in student crew members from the University of Arizona. This piece, called Neðan Fjöru: Below Tides, is one of the most powerful artistic depiction of depression I have ever seen. The above freelance writing was inspired by it’s work, so I felt compelled to expose its inspiration. The film is still in post production, but below is a taste from a recent live UA Dance performance. Pumping Sigur Rós through the veins of graceful, yet powerful dancers Gianni Howell and Alexandra Yonkovich – this is what art is meant to be. I cannot wait to see the final cut and where life & film takes Cylan, who’s work is incessantly exquisite. Please watch & support by going to their IndieGogo campaign for more info.


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