Horse Feathers: A Timberfest Preview

Photo by: Alexander Shustov Design by: Logan Stoneman

Photo by: Alexander Shustov
Design by: Logan Stoneman

You know those crazy online contests that you think you’ll never win, but you enter anyways? Well, somehow I was chosen by Carter Subaru for two free weekend passes to one of the best music festivals in the nation: Timber Music Festival! For those of you who don’t know, Timberfest is an outdoor music festival whose purpose is “uniting music, community and the beautiful natural environment of the Pacific Northwest.” Settled in Carnation, Washington, Timber Music Festival allows attendees to camp overnight next to the woods, while artists strum melodies through the day and into the campfire-filled nights. This past January I went to TimBRRR Fest, the winter alternative in Leavenworth, Washington. The beauty of these festivals is you are able to revel in the beauty of the Northwest, meet fascinating individuals, and stumble across beautiful and passionate musicians. Because my excitement is already keeping my blood pressure at an abnormally high rate, I have decided to profile as many artists as I can before the festival on July 24th-26th. For our first profile, The Audible Threshold meets Horse Feathers.

Horse Feathers was formed by Justin Ringle in Portland in 2004. Since that moment, Horse Feathers has had ten years of successful albums that bring a softer, more folk-based sound to his acoustic arrangements. Now with four core members, the band has released four albums, the most recent being Cynic’s New Year. This album truly illuminates the special ability of Horse Feathers to pull multiple instruments together and sound like a subtle cohesive harmony. Often bands who attempt this fall prey to playing louder, more obnoxious and damaging to their overall sound. Ringle conducts this band in a direction that leads you to the doorsteps of falling autumn leaves: soft, beautiful and longing to be felt. Below I’ve included a sampling of great music by Horse Feathers. Make sure to go out and buy their music, and a ticket to Timberfest, so you can join me in listening live to a band that is truly meant for the Timber stage.

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“Pacific Bray”

“Curs in the Weeds”

An Acoustic Session of “Thistled Spring”

“Last Waltz”

“Belly of June”


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