Alt-J & Crystal Fighters

My love for sharing new music from unknown artists is obvious. It’s why I made a music blog: why not reach more than my immediate friends with tunes I love? But as I reach my almost one-year mark of posting music I’m constantly sickened by the dreaded “page views” tab.

Deadspin wrote an article back in 2012 about how Bleacher Report uses fantastical headlines to pull fans to their site and through to their linked content. Dumbing down journalism into a hysteria/drama filled mechanism dilutes the genuine work writers slave over every day. The same happens in the music blog industry. Those who start blogs to post about the unique artists they’ve discovered, soon find that these artists do not generate page views. When mainstream artists are blogged about, page views soar. And soon the blogs that started as what an individual mind saw as beautiful becomes a blog that posts what we hope “mainstream society” sees as beautiful. We lose ourselves.

Take for example, my recent post about Bon Iver’s new song: Heavenly Father. Over 200 people came to my site in two days (almost a record for my young blog). However, back in October, I posted a song by the same singer (Justin Vernon) and it generated a measly 13 page views. The same song elements, deep lyrical meanings, and overall brilliant song production equaled completely different results. Frustrating to say the least, I understand how bloggers could walk away from the industry after relentlessly trying to find solutions. Or they resort to posting the same content you could find on thousands of other blogs.

So this is where I take control of this crazy vehicle. There really is no way for me to gain exposure to unique artists if no one comes to the site when I post them. I can only badger my friends so many times before I must let the blog run on its own feet. At this point, I’m changing the game with a new solution.

Some of my upcoming posts will experiment with posting content with popular artists’ new music AND unique music that is comparable. It’ll bring the page views in and populate the site, and at the same time showcase comparable artists that one can discover. Seducing listeners with their comfortable artists, I’ll pull the rug out from under them with an artist they’ve never heard of. Knowing the industry, it probably won’t work – but being stagnant never awarded other bloggers with their purpose of content delivery: generating happiness and music discovery within thousands of ears.

To start off, we will begin with Alt-J’s two new songs: Left Hand Free and Hunger of the Pines. Coming closer to their well-anticipated new album, these two songs showcase Alt-J’s unique ability to stay true to their quirky take on music, while adding new rock elements.

And if you’re enjoying these two new songs, you’ve got to listen to Crystal Fighters. A hidden gem in my back pocket, they string indie rock with harmonies similar to Alt-J. Some songs throw in electronic break downs but always come back to their happy pop sounds. Add it to your summer music playlist now.


Alt-J Photo Credit: Interview Magazine

Alt-J Photo Credit: Interview Magazine

Left Hand Free

Hunger of the Pines

Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters -Photo Credit: BBC

Crystal Fighters -Photo Credit: BBC

You and I

Love is All I Got

At Home

L.A. Calling

Their Newest Song (posted 18 days ago): Love Alight

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