Friday Flicks 8.1.14

Friday Flicks 8.2.14

It’s August. And it’s the weekend. Both reasons to prop your feet up on the couch and enjoy 7 of the best music related videos I’ve stumbled across in my music searching quest.

Let me introduce you to a friend of mine: Allen “Holy Shit did that just come out of his mouth” Stone

The newest by Nathaniel Rateliff. A man worth every last dollar in your pocket.

On Repeat since 2012. People, this is what happens when you mesh the best artists from everywhere together.

Using the rocky waves as an instrument…

Just bought the album from Inside Llewyn Davis. This below shows why it was a good purchase.

Nate Ruess before a haircut. Nate Ruess as everything he ever was, is, and will be.

A video that hit way too close to home back in the day:

Want more Friday Flicks? Click the picture below!

Friday Flicks 7.25.14


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