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What a year.

It has now been over one year since I started this music blog, and I cannot thank you all enough for the support through each pause, break, and surge of posts. This being my 100th post on the site, I wanted to share with you my 50 favorite songs (found on Spotify) that have been showcased throughout the first 100 posts! It’s a true pleasure to welcome new music to your ears. Cheers.

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Bon Iver…..Again

If you avidly follow this blog, you know I’m obsessed with everything that Justin Vernon does. His thoughts on the art of music, as talked about here, absolutely blow my mind. I unequivocally fall in a deep trance, not from his sound, but from the radiating authentic pursuit of passion and deep emotion that emits incessantly from his mind. So today, when I stumbled across this La Blogotheque video of Bon Iver singing an acapella version of my favorite song in Paris, France…..I’m lost for words.

This is the best Bon Iver video you’ve never seen. Period.

P.S. If you’ve seen a better Bon Iver video, or Justin Vernon video, comment with the link below.

Shakey Graves – The Perfect Parts

Shakey Gravey cannot make bad music. His newest song for his upcoming album is everything I could asked for…and more. I recently wrote about him as an artist in this recent post, but this song was so good, I had to post about him again. Enjoy peoples.

This is anthem everyone has always wanted, but never known it until they heard it. When thunder occurs in the heavens, children say it’s God bowling….I say it’s Shakey Graves playing “The Perfect Parts”.

Shots of Awe

This has nothing to do with music. This has to do with the way you look at life, and it’s the best YouTube series I’ve ever seen. Jason Silva’s Shots of Awe  series speaks on every thought I’ve ever had or will have in my present life. Share your thoughts in the comments below, as I’d love to converse with you about this, or anything related.

Here are two of my favorites:


A Quick Note

Hey everyone. I hope your September has started smoothly! I felt it was necessary to write a quick note to y’all explaining what’s going on in my life and some changes coming soon to the blog. Currently, in my real job, I serve as Marketing Director for a young edtech company and things in the past few months have really picked up, in the best way imaginable. In addition to this, I picked up an internship with an incredible marketing-related website, which has opened my eyes on tactics to achieve growth (both professional and personally). Because of the uptick in commitment due to an upcoming conference I’m attending out on the East Coast, posts over the next month will be quite short. A playlist may creep out of the woodwork, but in general it’ll be more of a place to share the music I’m listening to.

On a side note, if you’d like to guest blog for me sometime in the next month, I’d love to have you! If it’s a song you want to write about, a playlist you’ve curated for The Audible Threshold, or just a thought on life  – just shoot me an email at



Music recommendations from friends are sublime as you know there is a certain threshold of quality it must attain before the recommendation is delivered. In today’s case, musical artist Raury was recommended through a new work colleague of mine. I have not put my finger on my appreciation of his music, but when any music sits on repeat in my library for over 24 hours, it’s worth sharing with y’all. Check out some of my favorites by Raury – it’s the strangest, yet brilliant combination of intelligent rap, bruno mars level of vocals, and at-times acoustic guitar. And the fact he collaborated with Vancouver Sleep Clinic only makes the love grow faster. Check him out and his Indigo Child Project.


Secrets From our American Dream

The Audible Threshold

Pairing with my previous Summer’s End mix, I’d like to present to everyone: “Secrets From our American Dream” – a mix for the ending nights of summer. Comprised of recommendations from my followers, I’m ecstatic with the end result. Popular and hidden artists weave through a cascade of escaping twilight. If you’re looking for something to read along with this mix, I recently posted “The Sorcerers of The Modern Age”, a Thought on slow music & heavy emotion. If you want more playlists for your weekend, look no farther than THE SIXES, my page of playlists.

To listen on 8tracks, click here.

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The Sorcerers of the Modern Age

September has brought the pensive writer out of me, so another Audible Thought was inevitable. With my Summer day playlist finished, I started on a collaborative Summer night playlist that has pumped me full of emotional, acoustic, and gorgeous tracks. In this Thought, there is a sneak preview to the upcoming playlist, so take a listen while reading my take on heavy emotion in our life.

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A Taste of Mr. Graves

Photo Credit: The Vagabond

Photo Credit: The Vagabond

The summer of 2012 was one of the best roller-coasters of my life. I was all over the UK on a study abroad trip studying sports management. The cities were alive with Olympic spirit and I was eager to drink it all up. It was around this time when I discovered Texas’ own, Shakey Graves.

I distinctly remember a video call with my best friend telling her of the magic of Shakey Graves. The way he played the guitar was the closest example of real-life magic. It was unreal. His track, “Late July” was glued on repeat as I packed my pack full of a bottle of wine, cheese, and whatever street food I could find – and solo strolled around London for hours. He was a hidden gem of old american folk + rock + just enough soul (and that crazy gritty voice).

Sure enough, true talent emerges from every musical woodwork and all of a sudden I saw Shakey Graves trending on Spotify. His song “Dearly Departed” had picked up steam (watch this video on my S.O.F.T. page) and with his new album about to come out October 7th I felt y’all should prepare yourselves. Save your money for this and in the meantime, check out my favorite songs by Shakey below. It’s worth every second of eargasmic pleasure. Trust me.

The history behind the name, and my favorite song from London: “Late July”

“Unlucky Skin” …If Mr. Graves was a stock, I’d invest all my money in him now.

I’d pay Shakey to come camping with me and my friends. Here’s why: “Daisy Chains”

“Roll Your Bones” is such a fitting title, as that’s what I feel my bones are doing listening to Shakey.

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