Luke Christopher

Luke Christopher

There’s something about hip-hop that’s ignites something primal inside of me. And I’m pretty sure it’s not from the break dancing classes I used to take during middle school. There’s something special about artists like Dylan Owen, Macklemore, and John Bellion that have snuck through the woodwork to find their way onto my playlists. And today, I’d like to potentially forecast the next man to add onto this select list of “rappers with a purpose”.

It’s easy to produce tear-jerking, raw tracks when you’re playing an acoustic guitar or cello, especially when that genre of music is known for intimacy. But in the hiphop and rap industry, that started as an outlet of emotion through music, it now is harder than ever to be “real”. Luke Christopher adds to the current of a wave of cathartic rap that’s been emerging in the past few years with his recently released full-length, self produced project, TMRW TMRW Pt. 2. I’ve included some of my favorite songs from the project and then a couple additional tracks that you NEED to hear.

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By far my favorite of all his tracks:

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