Youth Lagoon – Montana

Youth Lagoon

Songs, like ideas, hold immense power when you put them within the context of your life. It’s why you can hear the same track over and over and never feel attachment or enjoyment; but then one day you hear that same song and it overcomes your every thought. Stronger than any virus, it physically shakes your body. Often you feel more pain, and sometimes joy, from hearing the song than an actual injury or comedy skit.

I’d be lying if I said that Youth Lagoon’s song “Montana” has not plagued me the last four days. So much so, I couldn’t listen to any other music (resulting in a lack of posts on here). I spent a whole day traveling from Ithaca, NY to Phoenix and now, “Montana” has already vaulted to my top 25 played. There’s a weird feeling that the next time someone asks me in a job interview, “What’s your biggest weakness?” that I’m 100% saying “Montana” by Youth Lagoon (and then, realistically, my cognizant view of my own mortality).

And if saying “words can’t describe this song” was trite enough, I truly can’t tell you why I love this song. It’s probably because I don’t love this song, I feel this song. One of my favorite quotes by Nietzsche describes “Montana” perfectly:

we listen to music with our muscles”

Listen to this song with your whole body. Pull out the ear-cover headphones and silence your worldly distractions. Because people, this is what it’s all about.

Listen to this first: 


Read this second:




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