October’s New Fall: The Brave Got Stung


Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Ithaca, New York to visit my sister at Cornell. And as my favorite traveling book Vagabonding, (and every experienced traveler knows), one should be a traveler not a tourist. So I spent over 10 days in the woods, sitting in law libraries, and exploring the trails and minds of New York’s prestigious campus. Sucking out all the marrow of life, I tried ‘living’ and not ‘visiting’.

Now, since returning back to Arizona I’m left with are those memories, and this beautiful playlist curated by my sister that truly epitomizes all that Cornell gave me. “The Brave Got Stung” is a mix worthy of accolades and (IMO) something every passenger should listen to while landing on Ithaca’s propeller plane runway. Pull yourself out of the present and rush down the Ithaca gorges.


giphy waterfall


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