The Haze

Tonight I sat down at a coffee shop near campus, looking to do some work, discover some music, maybe do some personal reading. And then I discovered You Me And Apollo. All plans were picked up, added to the To-Do list…and off my mind wandered. Brent Cowles’ immense and soulful voice penetrated my thoughts and the lyrics started dancing in perfect unison with the heaving of my chest.

I posted a passage by John O’Donohue yesterday which touched on moments in life that make you stop, and shed the haze that may be in front of your eyes; the haze which covers and shields you from the immensity of life, the overarching worries, as it keeps you silently content with the now.

You Me and Apollo lifted that fog for myself tonight. With the recent change in weather, I have begun to take notice of life’s patterns, and the sinkholes I have fallen into over my time here in college. Someone once told me that insanity is making the same mistakes over and over again – falling into the same treacherous sinkholes. Now, as a senior, I’ve begun to rethink myself. Every year, similar to those around me, I have told myself I am going to accomplish a variety of goals. Milestones, which can be defined around broad terms such as relationships, academics, personal health, friendship… always seem to be developed but never actualized. And one begins to wonder that at a certain point, why these goals are perpetually failing. Is it that we as humans are never content with the lives we currently possess? Or does society dictate that goals are necessary, however the generic ones we make are not actual passions of ours (resulting in action never being taken).

But where the sinkhole develops, is in the failure of accomplishing these ideals, which bother me on a daily basis. So I’ve decided to once again reevaluate my life (real innovative, right?). And I challenge you to lift your haze as well. Take a listen to the songs below and don’t do anything else. Stop everything and just breathe.

Invest in yourself. Invest in the things you believe could make you a better version of yourself. But be cognizant. Do not fall prey to the commonalities that society places in front of our eyes. Look past the six-pack abs and good grades and identify what drives you. Don’t make a list…take action. I’ll be doing the same.

Oh, and please go listen to the rest of You Me And Apollo’s album, Cards with Cheats. It really is phenomenal and should be bought at your earliest convenience.

Opener – You Me And Apollo

The Learned Theif – You Me And Apollo

Closer – You Me And Apollo


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