The Sorcerers of The Modern Age

The Sorcerer

 Heavy emotions are a good thing, no matter the sex, but this isn’t about if it’s right or wrong.
This is to tell you it’s necessary.

Music has a weird power over us as human beings. The playlist selection for any road trip can easily dictate the course of the emotional ride you and passengers go through. Any party can terribly fall apart if the music choice isn’t correct (or if your girlfriend’s emotional sorority sister’s keep changing the song 30 seconds in). Productivity levels can ebb and flow depending on playing musical scores or german rap.

This power is overwhelming, but yet invigorating. To be able to literally swing oneself from happiness to sadness within the span of two 3 minute songs can plant thousands of question seeds in your mind’s garden. If there is a modern-day magic, musical artists are the sorcerers.

The problem with this magic is that we, as listeners, hold the power to skip songs that plummet us into heavy emotion. It’s easy with popular radio to stay on the surface. Hopping from Iggy Azalea to Katy Perry will, without a doubt, plant a smile on your face. And don’t get me wrong, I am a huge proponent of the joyful fire music can bring us. But how simple is it to only skim the surface of the emotional power of music? Click ‘next’ the moment a song makes us think of pain, sorrow, loss, trouble, love?

Depression and sadness have such a taboo in modern society. We ask our friends “what’s wrong” if they aren’t staying face, and we’re supposed to ‘be there’ for those when they go through anything emotional. These thoughts subconsciously avert our minds past heavy emotion by telling us it’s wrong, that we have a problem.

Now, I’m not advocating to tell you to “face your problems” or “address your issues”. By preaching that sermon, I label your heavy emotions as ‘problems’ when, in fact, they are a natural and beautiful process of life, for both men and women alike.

What I am advocating for is to be comfortable with the uncomfortable feeling of being alone with your sadness. On your next car ride, if something sad comes along, be one with it. Let your mind wander, let your insecurities out, SOUND YOUR BARBARIC YAWP if you have to. Comforting your heavy emotions is healthy, it’s cathartic, it’s absolutely fucking necessary.

When I post emotional songs, people easily pass over them and go to the next song that’ll make them happy. That’s fine. Skip it for now. But I challenge you to come back some day….cover your ears with the strongest silencing headphones and feel the lyrics curl your veins, open your heart, and throw your mind off society’s cliff.

Thoreau, Whitman, Hemmingway. Some of the greatest artists of all time found solutions through the heaviest emotions. Even the men. Let music help you confront those emotions, not run away. I promise you, the results will be even more powerful than you can imagine.

Inspiration from this post came from this upcoming mix: Secrets From our American Dream:

Huge props to Volcano Choir for their awesome performance at the 9:30 club that was featured in today’s post.
Justin Vernon being Justin Vernon


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