The World Was Way Too Strong

In my most recent music post – Little Bird by Hollow Wood….it speaks on how the world is way too strong. At times I’ve felt this tug – the societal pressures to become one with the masses. We must follow the trends, the blogs, twitter feeds and become one with the flow of others. The world is strong, the weight of its tug is forceful, and for good reason. See, as much as the indie blogs try to separate themselves, develop a unique identity among a river of posts, I promise you – it is impossible to be unique. What one must do instead is utilize the trends and create a niche of society within your mind, within your circles to develop your own brand. Many believe shutting out these trends is a successful path to individualism. However, it leads to isolation and insecurities. Do not burn down your house in search of a more formidable structure. Build your fortress with others, hold their hand and become one with the strength of the world. Find patterns within society that speak to you. Find quotes that utter your thoughts. Seek out lyrics that drum your fingers. Theres no way you create space between you and seven billion – but create a space that invites those closest to you, those who believe in you to your own party.

And send me an invite.


One thought on “The World Was Way Too Strong

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