Wait. Then Cross.

Wait. Then Cross

Press play above, then read.

I was recently asked by a couple followers why I don’t select one genre of music to write on. Their argument revolved around utilizing a niche to market to, thus uniquely identifying my posts with a group of individuals. In doing so I would generate higher activity and more viewers. I’ve grappled with this decision, limiting my posts, and have yet to decide.

See, the point behind The Audible Threshold was not to generate page views. Neither was it because I cared about monetizing a fan base. It was because I could not stop talking about music. Any moment I hopped into a friend’s car, I searched for the auxiliary cord to plug into my iPhone. Every single first date I ever took someone on, I raved about artists, songs, and that mixtape I was going to make her. Music powered my belief in my writings. Bands like fun., The Format, Typhoon, and Queen made obstacles in my youth bearable. It made me understand this world. I don’t remember much from my youth, but the moments I do are paired with what I was listening to during those moments.

And throughout it all, there was never a genre that solved everything. I’ve gotten lost in Sigur Ros melodies. I’ve punched walls and exploded anger to Jimmy Eat World. Even Fountains of Wayne taught me lessons in life. See, music does that to you. Through swells of strings, thundering drums, and tiptoeing pianos there were moments where music made me burst apart. It was not the genre that made me emotional, it was the moment paired with the perfect chords & lyrics. Truly unpredictable.

So that’s what this music blog will be. Truly unpredictable, like life. Throw the five year plans out the window. Because tomorrow you may be hurt by those who you love the most. Because tomorrow you may find your eyes lock with the person across your favorite coffee shop. And because there will always be music.

What I hope is for you to travel with me throughout my life through my music. Through indie folk, blues, rock, hiphop, dubstep, and country…in these shared experiences and lyrics, we gain strength. When you stand at your next concert, feel that strength. Let it run through you. Let it empower you.

Cross your audible threshold.



One thought on “Wait. Then Cross.

  1. I appreciate, cause I found just what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye kdcedfebkacd


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