October’s New Fall


Over the course of the next few days I will be unveiling one of my favorite projects this blog has ever completed: October’s New Fall. At the beginning of the month, I reached out to some of my favorite music curators and had them compile 10 song playlists that best described their feelings of Fall and of the new season. So keep an eye out!

However, today I’d like to mention how incredible this month has been for new music. Some of my favorite bands have produced magical albums and singles that only confirm why I love watching artists mature with their music. Because I know Spotify is increasingly used by my listeners, I’ve made a playlist you can subscribe to that has these new albums and tracks!

Click below to access the playlist & make sure to subscrbe!


Motivation Monday 10.20.14

tumblr_naj3goYb4D1st5lhmo1_1280It’s been awhile since my last Motivation Monday Playlist, but this one’s a doozy. Packed full of remixes of my favorite songs, I challenge anyone to use this during their next workout to see major improvements in motivation. Good luck falling back asleep after pressing play on this one.

Tobias Jesso Jr. – Just a Dream

A slow weekend means fast thoughts. Tobias Jesso Jr. provides a soundtrack in video and audio that fits the mood. Oh, and that sickening piano is all you’d ever desire from a voice that sounds like butterscotch. As usual, La Blogotheque gifts us another raw look at what music should always sound, be, and feel like in the video below.

Youth Lagoon – Montana

Youth Lagoon

Songs, like ideas, hold immense power when you put them within the context of your life. It’s why you can hear the same track over and over and never feel attachment or enjoyment; but then one day you hear that same song and it overcomes your every thought. Stronger than any virus, it physically shakes your body. Often you feel more pain, and sometimes joy, from hearing the song than an actual injury or comedy skit.

I’d be lying if I said that Youth Lagoon’s song “Montana” has not plagued me the last four days. So much so, I couldn’t listen to any other music (resulting in a lack of posts on here). I spent a whole day traveling from Ithaca, NY to Phoenix and now, “Montana” has already vaulted to my top 25 played. There’s a weird feeling that the next time someone asks me in a job interview, “What’s your biggest weakness?” that I’m 100% saying “Montana” by Youth Lagoon (and then, realistically, my cognizant view of my own mortality).

And if saying “words can’t describe this song” was trite enough, I truly can’t tell you why I love this song. It’s probably because I don’t love this song, I feel this song. One of my favorite quotes by Nietzsche describes “Montana” perfectly:

we listen to music with our muscles”

Listen to this song with your whole body. Pull out the ear-cover headphones and silence your worldly distractions. Because people, this is what it’s all about.

Listen to this first: 


Read this second: http://pitchfork.com/features/directors-cut/8687-youth-lagoon-montana/



James Bay – Hold Back the River

Back in June I wrote about a new UK artist I came across, James Bay, and his unique ability to instantly create intimate moments with his listeners. Three days ago, James released his newest track “Hold Back the River”, which holds true to my previous evaluation.

Mr. Bay illuminates the calm before the storm, the precipice before the flood right before a sure emotional whirlwind. Just like the forthcoming gush of feelings these moments foreshadow, the song starts slow and exponentially picks up speed. By the end, you’re caught in the maelstrom and must give in to the emotion.

Bravo James Bay. Bravo.

Luke Christopher

Luke Christopher

There’s something about hip-hop that’s ignites something primal inside of me. And I’m pretty sure it’s not from the break dancing classes I used to take during middle school. There’s something special about artists like Dylan Owen, Macklemore, and John Bellion that have snuck through the woodwork to find their way onto my playlists. And today, I’d like to potentially forecast the next man to add onto this select list of “rappers with a purpose”.

It’s easy to produce tear-jerking, raw tracks when you’re playing an acoustic guitar or cello, especially when that genre of music is known for intimacy. But in the hiphop and rap industry, that started as an outlet of emotion through music, it now is harder than ever to be “real”. Luke Christopher adds to the current of a wave of cathartic rap that’s been emerging in the past few years with his recently released full-length, self produced project, TMRW TMRW Pt. 2. I’ve included some of my favorite songs from the project and then a couple additional tracks that you NEED to hear.

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By far my favorite of all his tracks:

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And the War Came – The Debut Album by Alejandro Rose-Garcia AKA Shakey Graves


The day is finally here. The album of 2014 has arrived. Let me introduce, once again, to my friend Shakey. Let me rephrase that…


Today, October 7th, 2014 should be the last time I’ll need to introduce you to this artist, as his new album “And the War Came” should explode onto the music scene like wildfire. I know I’ve posted a lot about him in the last few months, and that I could have easily tweeted about this release (which I did) but it’s not often when an album of this magnitude comes out.

True to everything I’ve ever known Mr. Graves to be about, “And the War Came” is an epic, mountainous, swirl of artistic ability melted into 11 tracks that refuse to leave your feet still. Let me walk you through my thoughts on my favorite tracks:

“Only Son” – The true first song from the album starts with intimacy, and picks up speed with silky flow (something Shakey does like no other). The foot drum awakens and so do the harmonies, creating a cave of thoughts echoed with the lines “And its evil ways, let me forget her”. With deliberate additions come the low snaps and clicks on the drum, amplifying knowledge that music produced by Shakey Graves must not just be audible, it must be transformative.

“Dearly Departed” featuring Esme Patterson – This song has been floating through cyberspace for quite some time, and has been an ultimate favorite of mine and anyone with an ear. The sweet combo of Shakey’s gravely voice with Esme’s delicate, cute, and huggable sound feels perfect. With buildups, a cappella choruses, and lyrics like “You and I both know that the house is haunted. You and I both know that the ghost is me” this song is so unique in its delivery and deep in contextual richness.

“The Perfect Parts” – I recently wrote about this song when it debuted a couple weeks ago on YouTube. Check out what I had to say here. 

“Hard Wired” – Picture yourself in Texas. Walking around your neighborhood  you see a man sitting on his porch, strumming along on his guitar, feet attached to the music notes invisibly flying through the air and lightly landing back on the wood – you’d probably be listening to Shakey Graves playing “Hard Wired”. You’d only be so lucky to let you hear his inner voice that tells you: “So go brace for good times, do what feels right, and send me the bill when you tire. Cause I am as I came. And I’ll still be the same. I got nothing to blame, I was hard wired.”

“Family and Genus” – There is something so unique about the sound in “Family and Genus” that I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the repetitive words and chords that start each sentence. Maybe it’s the distant ohs that sound far away, yet inside a part of you that’s impossible to find. Maybe its the strings that elevate the falling action of the song. Maybe it’s the ending conversation that ends with “Sometimes people call me things I’d rather not say”. I can’t put my finger on it, but its something special – I know that.

“Big Time Nashville Star” featuring Esme Patterson – I’m starting to think this isn’t just a coming out party for Shakey Graves, but also for Esme Patterson whose moments in this song foreshadow another musical genius rise in the making. Playful in its nature, “Big Time Nashville Star” transitions the beginning of “And the War Came” to its last four tracks.

“If Not for You” – An intro that parallels his previous song, “Late July”, “If Not for You” brings a whole lot to the table. It’s like Thanksgiving, where there’s always too much food, but you keep shoving yourself full until you physically can’t take it anymore. That’s this song by Shakey Graves. I’ve never listened to an artist so eloquently stop and start the rush of a song, but within each bar of the tenth track, the skill is under a microscope that only points out Mr. Graves’ best features.

I could keep writing, but this should be enough of a taste (actually by now, it’s a whole meal) of Shakey Graves. It may just be the best meal you’ve had in years.

Please please go buy his music, visit his site, and go see him live.

Unfortunately I’ll be missing him due to being out of town when he swings through Phoenix – but I’m sure I’ll see him soon. There’s no way I’ll be able to avoid him after this album lifts him to the fame he truly deserves.

Sounds from the Far East


I apologize for my absence, but I am back and more than ready to ramp up posts on The Audible Threshold! Thanks for being patient – and now for a couple updates for y’all:

  1. My newest Audible Thoughts is now up, called Sounds from the Far East. I’d love feedback as life’s questions have been plaguing my mind as of late – community driven responses are always healthy for these situations.
  2. I just started my October mix on SoundCloud. It’s posted below the picture.
  3. I’ll be putting together a Fall Mix within the next few weeks – if you have any contributions, send them on Twitter @logan_stoneman
  4. I just went to an Odesza concert and was absolutely blown away. Put the Seattle duo on every mix you’re making for every moment of your life. My favorite (Say My Name). Their recent album is blow my October mix on this post….see below.StandAlone

Post 100:50


What a year.

It has now been over one year since I started this music blog, and I cannot thank you all enough for the support through each pause, break, and surge of posts. This being my 100th post on the site, I wanted to share with you my 50 favorite songs (found on Spotify) that have been showcased throughout the first 100 posts! It’s a true pleasure to welcome new music to your ears. Cheers.

To listen to more mixes:

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