Some Of my Favorite Things (S.O.F.T.)


A lot of my followers ask me online about other things I’m interested in. Problem is, I always promise them a list of awesome videos, links, resources, apps, and music they can check out – but I never actually get around to it. So, below is a running list of a mish-mash of my favorite whatevers.

Kishi Bashi just killing it outside SXSW.

Shakey Graves & Esme Patterson being all cute and stuff. Just stop it guys. You’re too much.

Charles Bukowski’s essay on writing may just be the best 2 minutes of your day.

This essay comparing Typhoon to the philosophy of Soren Kierkegaard:

This poem by Alfred Lloyd Tennyson:

Every. Single. Post. on Brain Pickings
Maria Popova





The Head and The Heart’s chapel session with Fuel/Friends. Oh, and every other chapel session, cause they’re everything you’d ever want out of music. Really.

Meditation and the Headspace app. Try the Take 10, I’m doing it right now and it’s changing the way I see the world.

NPR & KEXP. Both radio stations are godsend. Oh and they produced these two videos.

Bacon Maple donuts at Blue Star Donuts in Portland. No, not VooDoo.

The Four Hour Work Week
The Four Hour Body
The Four Hour Chef
^Can you tell I’m in love with Tim Ferris? Take a listen to his incredible conversation with my one of my business idols and writers, Ryan Holiday.
If you like that – you’ll love his convo with filmmaker Jason Silva. 

Alan Watts & Jason Silva in the best video on the concept of death.

Everything La Blogotheque does. Especially this Bon Iver video in Paris:

Someday this will be a reality.

Update 11.12.14

I’ve been watching some killer videos as of late – here are some you should binge watch instead of that next Netflix series.

Jon Russell from The Head and The Heart in a parking garage

This says everything you’d ever need to know about Bryan John Appleby. A magician with mood and setting.

I would go to the library every day if this was a regular occurrence

When friends share videos like this with you – they’re definitely a best friend. Holy shit.

God dammit, if this played every morning when I woke, I’d probably do some incredible things with my life.

Try to look away. I dare you.

Probably the only group of disciples I’d join:

To end this…get up, out of bed, and do something.


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