Rock and Roll – Sallie Ford

Sallie Ford’s voice is catchy, quirky and everything I need as I’m heading on a road trip up the West Coast. Apologies for the lack of posts this past week as I also recently moved out of Tucson for the first time in 4 years! Enjoy Sallie Ford, and I’ll do my best to create a playlist for you all soon for the upcoming week while I’m on the road!


Divisionary (Do the Right Thing) – Ages and Ages

If everything good that’s ever happened in the world came together to make one music video, this would be it. I already know Youtube may ban me for listening to this TOO much. Come on…really? A kid choir, band members from Typhoon, Blitzen Trapper, Modern Kin, and Ages and Ages all singing together? Friends, this is why I write a music blog. 

Oh, and go and support NPR. They consistently are producing content like this. 

Cartel Coffee Lab – Morning Mix


My addiction to Cartel Coffee Lab has finally passed any semblance of a healthy habit. But that’s okay. Because when you drink the coffee or tea, meet the unbelievable people, and sit in the gorgeous space, you’ll understand. Cartel Coffee lab has meant more to me than many people I’ve encountered throughout my four years in Tucson. It’s not about the decadent pastries, the mouth-watering pizza, or carefully constructed pour-over coffee – it’s about the community i’ve been brought into. And as I move up to Scottsdale to start my Marketing Position I thought I would construct a playlist to be played at any Cartel during any morning. Enjoy the 34 songs that should set your morning straight. (Afternoon mix to come soon)

Horse Feathers: A Timberfest Preview

Photo by: Alexander Shustov Design by: Logan Stoneman

Photo by: Alexander Shustov
Design by: Logan Stoneman

You know those crazy online contests that you think you’ll never win, but you enter anyways? Well, somehow I was chosen by Carter Subaru for two free weekend passes to one of the best music festivals in the nation: Timber Music Festival! For those of you who don’t know, Timberfest is an outdoor music festival whose purpose is “uniting music, community and the beautiful natural environment of the Pacific Northwest.” Settled in Carnation, Washington, Timber Music Festival allows attendees to camp overnight next to the woods, while artists strum melodies through the day and into the campfire-filled nights. This past January I went to TimBRRR Fest, the winter alternative in Leavenworth, Washington. The beauty of these festivals is you are able to revel in the beauty of the Northwest, meet fascinating individuals, and stumble across beautiful and passionate musicians. Because my excitement is already keeping my blood pressure at an abnormally high rate, I have decided to profile as many artists as I can before the festival on July 24th-26th. For our first profile, The Audible Threshold meets Horse Feathers.

Horse Feathers was formed by Justin Ringle in Portland in 2004. Since that moment, Horse Feathers has had ten years of successful albums that bring a softer, more folk-based sound to his acoustic arrangements. Now with four core members, the band has released four albums, the most recent being Cynic’s New Year. This album truly illuminates the special ability of Horse Feathers to pull multiple instruments together and sound like a subtle cohesive harmony. Often bands who attempt this fall prey to playing louder, more obnoxious and damaging to their overall sound. Ringle conducts this band in a direction that leads you to the doorsteps of falling autumn leaves: soft, beautiful and longing to be felt. Below I’ve included a sampling of great music by Horse Feathers. Make sure to go out and buy their music, and a ticket to Timberfest, so you can join me in listening live to a band that is truly meant for the Timber stage.

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“Pacific Bray”

“Curs in the Weeds”

An Acoustic Session of “Thistled Spring”

“Last Waltz”

“Belly of June”

Rather Be – Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne


When good friends move away, you try to find little bits of life to remind you of their presence. I’m usually not one for pop music, but this song, Rather Be” by Clean Bandit, is an insanely catchy pop song, which illuminates a bit of my good friend Darren who just moved out to San Francisco. Just like him, the song makes you immediately elated – so put on your dancing shoes and get off your couch. That background cello and violin paired with this unforgettable beat will make you put “Rather Be” on repeat instantly.

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Neðan Fjöru: Below Tides

Below Tides

“Blasting from my head is a pain that circumvents the five foot radius around me. Let me drown you in my death. Let me suffocate you with my absence. Fall prey, quick prey, come quick, fast you may run, slow you will die, in my hands nonetheless.

No one wants other’s pain. They want others to take it from them. Smoke them out.

You don’t want to hear my squabbles. You want to hear my music. My smile.

Don’t step on my cracks, I will be the one to break your back.

Opal floods of water cascade towards me. Down stairs they fall, tumbling like a slinky. But yet it’s not real. It’s in my mind. So why are my hands wet? Pull out your chisel. Pull out your sword. show me it’s power, show me your weakness.

Pull my peels. Save me. Give me vitality. Give me life.”


Recently a friend of mine, U of A Media Arts BFA alum director Cylan Shaffer and director of photography Fiona Foster reunited for another dance collaboration, bringing in student crew members from the University of Arizona. This piece, called Neðan Fjöru: Below Tides, is one of the most powerful artistic depiction of depression I have ever seen. The above freelance writing was inspired by it’s work, so I felt compelled to expose its inspiration. The film is still in post production, but below is a taste from a recent live UA Dance performance. Pumping Sigur Rós through the veins of graceful, yet powerful dancers Gianni Howell and Alexandra Yonkovich – this is what art is meant to be. I cannot wait to see the final cut and where life & film takes Cylan, who’s work is incessantly exquisite. Please watch & support by going to their IndieGogo campaign for more info.

“The Flowers Slipping from Your Hands” – The Songs of Bear’s Den

Imagephoto credit: Rolling Stones

This week the British trio Bear’s Den released their brilliant new song, “Elysium”, which gives me the opportunity to expose them to you before their slated LP arrives later this year. This trio brings heartfelt lyrics and effortlessly slams them next to a banjo, who happens to your guide through each song. The EP Agape, released in 2013, seamlessly collides the three voices into harmonies that lead into a consistent heartbeat bass drum echo, making listeners salivate for more. I’ve included songs from Bear’s Den below that I believe need to be heard, including their newest release (which if their LP is anything like “Elysium”, its going to be epic).


Oh, and you’ll pretty much die listening to this acoustic performance of “Pompeii”. It’s disgustingly good.


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Updated post:

HOLD ON…..Did Bear’s Den cover Drake? Yes. Yes they did. “Hold On, We’re Going Home” just reached a whole new level.

Memento Mori – Hollow Wood


Last year I posted about my favorite song from the summer of 2013, “Little Bird” by Hollow Wood. Their second song, “Memento Mori”, although released last year, came atop a shuffle of my music library. And at the 3:10 moment of the song, I knew I had to post it. The buildup is insanely catchy, quirky, and a genuine forecast into the niche that Hollow Wood will soon create in the music genre. An EP should be released by these producers of this addicting art. Let me know what you think by commenting below!

“take my hands, let’s burn these bridges down. You’ve been wondering why I haven’t been around.”

Let It Go – James Bay

James Bay

Let’s welcome James Bay, another fantastic artist from the UK, to The Audible Threshold. His song, “Let It Go”, starts with a single guitar and Bay’s voice, creating an immediate intimate moment between listener and musician. From there, we walk alongside his heartbreak that, with the way Bay constructed the song, appears to be a completely rational decision; something we all know, when walking away from a loved one, is anything close to rational.

“I used to recognize myself
It’s funny how reflections change
When we’re becoming something else 
I think it’s time to walk away”